Game on.

Is it wrong to be thinking ahead to the holidays already? Not for MSB, it isn’t.

Christmas may still be over four months away, but we’ve been planning for it since last spring. What we’re trying to accomplish is definitely not something we can achieve between Black Friday and December 25. It’s something we’re being meticulous about. Something we’re planning on doing right, the first time. No exceptions. There are a lot of families that, once things are finalized, will be counting on us to make things right. Or bright, in our case.

Coming up in the next couple weeks we’ll be meeting with a Syracuse-area resident that ran a similar operation last year. Jon Nappa is his name and he’s the reason we’re doing what we’re doing here in Rochester. We’re going to be certain our goals are achievable and that we’re giving our families the absolute most memorable holiday we can, because it’s just that important.

After we meet with Jon we’ll be getting together with social workers in the RCSD that are going to help us identify our families. We’re happy with the process we’ve got planned and think it’s going to be the best approach to ensuring all goes well – from every angle.

So, while your still savoring every moment we have left of summer, do us a favor… think ahead with us, too. If you’ve read this far, please invite your friends to like our Facebook page: The more eyes that see it, the more memorable the holidays will be for some very deserving people.


About Making Spirits Bright

The holidays are a joyous time for most people, but for many families in our community that idea is far from a reality. Putting a decent meal on the table can be a constant struggle for some, never mind providing gifts for children over the holidays.

We are working with social workers at a few select schools in the Rochester City School District to identify our first group of families. We will be inviting them to join us for an extraordinary evening of making memories with their loved ones. While we have to limit ourselves to 10 families this first year, we hope to build on this for many years to come, extending our reach to as many families as possible.

The festivities will consist of a limo ride to and from the event where they will be served a warm, holiday meal. They will be treated to music, entertainment and gifts will be given to all members of their families. We will also send each family home with the fixings for their own meal, as well as additional gifts for their children to open on Christmas day, or any other day of their choosing.

This is where you… our family, friends and community come into play. We are being the donation process already to help us achieve all that we wish to do. We have already sought out local businesses to help, but we will need monetary donations, as well as specific gifts as we get closer to the holidays.

Here is a link to our fundraising page:

All monies and donations collected will be used for the families invited to the event. If you have any questions, please share them here. One of us will get back to you as soon as we’re able.

We thank you for reading through this and hope you’ll find our cause worthy enough of your support!