The good news keeps on coming.

Hello, all!

It’s been a while since we’ve talked. It’s been a whirlwind month for us and we’ve got so much to share with you. Things are moving at a pretty quick clip these days, but I’m happy to say – everything that’s come our way has been good great things!

For those that aren’t following our updates on Facebook… we’ve identified the school that we’re partnering with this year! We’re thrilled to be working with School #33 and are pretty anxious now to make spirits bright for some of their families.  Jess and I (this is Jamie, again) met with their social worker and parent liaison a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier with the way things went. Since our meeting with them they have identified all the families we’ll be working with, so that’s fantastic! We’ve since sent out information requests to each family and we’re eagerly awaiting their responses. The feedback we receive will give us our all-important shopping list, which we will then pass on to all of you. This will include both things the families need, as well as things they want. And that’s when the fun really begins, because once that list is established… it’s time to include the rest of you in on the fun, the shopping!

Here’s how that will work… we will compile a master list of everything these families are looking for. We’ll be adding that to a document that we’ll put online for you all to see. Any of you wishing to purchase items will then have the opportunity to claim as many as you’d like. You’ll simply add your name next to those items, buy them, and drop them off to us (unwrapped). We’ll then take inventory of everything we’ve been given and schedule a Wrapping Party where you’re all welcome to help us wrap all the items we’re donating. Date and time for this will be announced at a later date. We’ve been overwhelmed with all the requests to help already, so it will undoubtedly be a wonderful time for us all to get together.

In other news… we were contacted last week by Rochester Woman Magazine. They heard about us through the power of social media (thank you, Mark Zuckerberg) and want to feature our efforts in the upcoming November issue. We’re happy to say we have since met with the folks making it happen: the absolutely lovely Rebecca Ferguson, who is writing the article, and the ever-talented VeJay Broyld, the photographer. We had a ridiculous amount of fun with both of them and cannot wait to see what they’ve come up with to showcase our work. So, please keep an eye on newsstands in early November for that! We’d like to give some thanks to the fabulous staff at Waterlily Spa &  Cosmetics Boutique, as well, for doing our makeup, free of charge, the day of our photo shoot. We looked, and felt, like a million bucks!

This week we received another call, this time from Erica Denman, the owner of Balance Fitness & Yoga in Webster. Again, we owe thanks to Facebook for Erica’s finding us. She and her amazing team of instructors are offering numerous community classes in the coming months and have generously adopted Making Spirits Bright as their charity of choice. Proceeds from all of these classes will go directly to our cause, supporting our School #33 families. We encourage you to follow them on Facebook where you can find the dates of the community classes, in addition to their regularly scheduled ones, as well.

We’re absolutely humbled by the support we’ve received thus far, from businesses and individuals. We’ve yet to prove ourselves to anyone, but you have all put your faith in us, and in our mission, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Your confidence is pushing us to new levels and giving us the opportunity to do so much good. Thank you for joining us on this journey. We will not disappoint!

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