Road trip!

Jess and I (Jamie) went on a road trip today. To the Syracuse area where we’re from. Whoo! We really know how to live it up, don’t we?

Yes, we grew up there. But today we weren’t headed back to play. Or reminisce about the good ol’ days. (We used the car ride down for that.) Today, we went back home, to work. We met with a new friend, Jon Nappa, owner of Bruin Computer Recyclers. It just so happens we all graduated from the same high school (Let’s go, Bees!), but we met Jon for the very first time today.

For the last four or five years Jon has run a similar operation to Making Spirits Bright. We learned about his event thanks to an article written in the Syracuse Post Standard, touting the efforts he and his team made last winter. And we figured rather than reinventing the wheel, it was best to talk with the guy who inspired us to create our own Pay It Forward event.

So, we traveled down the Thruway, with notebooks full of questions and we left with all the answers and a lot more inspiration. We’re feeling ridiculously excited. And we know, for certain now, that we’re doing everything exactly as we should be. We’re prepared. And we’re ready.

Jamie and Jess paying a visit to the B'ville DinerAs we got back in the car to head back home, we also realized… we were hungry. A quick call to my parents prompted a very impromptu lunch date at the B’ville Diner where we feasted on French fries and gravy, their specialty. The lunch allowed Jess and I to share our most recent round of ideas, and excitement, with my folks. And then my parents, fabulous as they are, paid for our lunch and we were on our way. ¬†Thanks, Mom and Dad! That leaves us with a few extra dollars in our pocket to invest in Making Spirits Bright. Most excellent.

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